The event

Feel Da Bounce is an established project in Sardinia, known and appreciated in Italy and Europe, entirely dedicated to Hip Hop culture (music, dance, rap).

The heart of the event is the battles, the choreographic competition, and approximately 12 hours of workshops that will involve around 500 Italian and international dancers.

An ‘made in Sardinia’ event with an international character.


What does Feel Da Bounce offer?

Why Feel Da Bounce?

Feel Da Bounce is born with the aim of promoting education in dance, music, and study, while simultaneously boosting tourism in Sardinia.

The initiative seeks to address the need for high-level training and exchange in the field of Hip Hop dance, which is deeply rooted and rapidly expanding in the regional territory, but with limited opportunities for practitioners to learn from international masters and major European schools.

Feel Da Bounce aims to offer this opportunity to all enthusiasts and practitioners of Hip Hop disciplines and, at the same time, introduce young Sardinians to a European dimension of exchanging best practices and knowledge.

Furthermore, the European dimension provides the opportunity to showcase the potential of the island territory as a location for sporting, educational, and tourist events during the shoulder season, appealing to tourists.

The final event, open to the public, includes recreational moments alongside the competitions, such as live rap concerts featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists, local dance shows by international guests invited to the finals in Sardinia, as well as gastronomic and convivial experiences where participants can enjoy the finest local culinary products.

The final competitions will take place in a coastal location in Quartu Sant’Elena, and guests will have the opportunity to discover the history and beauty of the territory throughout the event, becoming “promoters” of the island in their own countries.


Where are we

The event will take place at the Sighientu Resort in Quartu Sant’Elena, Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia (the second-largest island in the Mediterranean).

Cagliari has a metropolitan area of around half a million inhabitants. It’s a city with a millennia-long history, rich in culture, and a destination for young tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches and the nightlife that the city itself offers. A true paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean.

View of coast at night, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

How to Get to Cagliari

Here are some of the low-cost airlines that fly to Cagliari.