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Hip Hop Event
(Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy)

feel from bounce 2.0
May 26-27-28, 2023
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Find out all the details of the most anticipated hip hop event

What are the goals of the Feel Da Bounce School?

We want to convey the values of Hip Hop culture through a comprehensive course, thanks to courses in:

  • Stand UP Dance
  • Break Dance
  • Freestyle Dance
  • Video Dance
  • House Dance
  • RAP writing and music
  • Periodic in-depth writing and djing workshops

We want to create networking and new acquaintances that will give you the opportunity to open up to this culture, learn about its many facets, travel and compare yourself with your peers.

We want to provide you with high-level training that will allow you to grow personally, artistically and professionally within the Hip Hop disciplines and culture.

What are your goals?

Learn respect, know how to challenge yourself, know how to compete, learn how to express yourself best through one or more of the 4 arts to actually understand what discipline is right for you and how you can help bring Hip Hop culture to the top.

You have to be part of the academy if:

  • you want to improve your skills as a dancer
  • you want to acquire as many skills as possible in the various disciplines of Hip Hop culture through high-level training experiences (internships and workshops) in Sardinia, Italy and abroad.
  • you want to further challenge yourself by taking exams and competitions in which you can show your worth and receive proper recognition
  • you want to make music and dance a future job opportunity

What we offer you


Based on the results of the midterm and final exams, scholarships will be awarded to the best students outside Sardinia.

Competition outside Sardinia

We will leave to face a competition outside our island, and we will really put in all our efforts to bring home a lot of satisfaction.

The experience is open to everyone, both for those who want to compete and for those who want to study, deepen their knowledge and give support to their fellow competitors.


Both at Christmas and in mid-July we will offer live shows open to the public where you can demonstrate to those in attendance all that you have learned within the school.


In November, January, February, March and April 2023, we will organize workshops with outside teachers of the various disciplines.

These will be educational weekends that will allow you to get in touch with other realities to mature personally and improve your skills.

Feel da Bounce event (end of May 2023)

The event that has been missing for four years is about to return. An opportunity to learn through workshops, compete in competitions and battles, and meet people from all over Europe.


We will convey the values of Hip Hop culture to you through a comprehensive course.

the route

we'll point you to the class that's right for you

Whatever your level or age, you will find room in our classes.
It just brings a lot of desire to learn, to meet new people, to bring up Hip Hop culture

our crews

Initially, we form our classes based on age and learning level, but later, an understanding is born among the children and youth, fellowship grows and new friendships are formed, and crews crews are born. The crew is feeling part of something!

Each crew that forms within Feel Da Bounce School decides to define its identity with a name, which is made official and used both within the school and outside.

Writing workshop

coming soon

DJing workshop

coming soon

hip hop on the road

coming soon

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Feel da Bounce is a project of ASD Danse Outremer – Via E.D’Arborea 13/15 – Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)