May 26-27-28, 2023
sighientu resort

Technical regulations choreography competition

Choreography should be original and designed and created with the intention of involving all elements of the group in the performance, avoiding situations with roles of solo dancers and corps de ballet;

Each group must consist of at least 4 elements .

Categories choreography competition

NEW GENERATION: born from 2012 onward, with 1 out-of-team (Under 16) if the group consists of no more than 6 elements; with 3 out-of-team (Under 16) if it consists of a minimum of 7 elements;

TEEN: born between 2007 – 2011, with 1 out-of-team if the group consists of no more than 6 elements; with 3 out-of-team if it consists of a minimum of 7 elements;

MASTER: No age limit.

If the “out of” category members exceed the number established above, automatically, the group participates in the higher category.

It is mandatory for each participant to carry an ORIGINAL ID (no photocopy) for the jury to check the year of birth in case of disputes, under penalty of disqualification from the competition.


All members under the age of 18 must be authorized by their parents or legal guardians, who, by signing the release, assume full responsibility regarding the participation, custody and care of the minor, for the entire period of the event, relieving the organization of any responsibility.

– It is compulsory to submit a medical certificate of good health (also in photocopy) or a statement from the parent self-certifying possession of such a certificate thus relieving the organization of any liability.

By entering the competition, the member of the group automatically authorizes the Organization to use his or her image free of charge for promotional purposes, television filming and for the press.

Participation implies approval of these regulations in every article.

Score and jury

Judges and their number will be chosen at the sole discretion of the organization.

The judges will give each performance a score expressed in numbers from 0 to 10 decimal places .

At the end of the first elimination round, the names of the groups that will enter the final round will be announced. The jury, at its own discretion, will decide for each category the number of groups that will enter the finals.


The musical expression chosen for the competition may consist of several songs mixed together, also linked through the use of sound effects.

Groups should email their tracks to no later than Saturday, May 13, 2023 , and come to the competition with the tracks on USB PEN in case of some technical problem ;

The length of the piece should not be less than 2 minutes and more than 3:30 with an excess deviation of 10%.

Groups must submit the same piece for all the different stages of the competition.


5 penalty points will be awarded for each second under or over the minimum and maximum time allowed;

1 penalty point for every minute delay on stage call not seriously justified;

Groups exhibiting misbehavior or behavior not in keeping with the standards of good manners toward the jury and the organization will be immediately removed from the event.

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