RAP Writing and Music Workshop

Every first and third Thursday of the month

7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

what is rap?

Rap music is a tool for expressing one’s opinions, an outlet, a way to fight boredom, anger, a means of escape. A weapon that allows one to express oneself freely and turn thoughts into words and words into music.

Rap is one of the disciplines of Hip Hop culture, originating in the late 1970s in block parties in the Bronx as well as all other hip hop practices, break dancing djing and writing.

What do the meetings consist of?

We call them meetings and not lectures because RAP cannot be taught, let alone how to become a rapper.

What we will do is guide and inspire participants to understand the various techniques of writing, metrics, style, and give them the opportunity to practice getting in time with the music.

We will provide a bias-free space for them to express their thoughts in rhyme.


We will build on the history of Hip Hop culture and its original values of peace, respect and integration.

We will also often talk about American, Italian and Sardinian rap through audio and video media.

We will discuss personal experiences, that is, how we approached this genre of music and hip hop culture.


Beginning with analyses of simple rap writing techniques, participants will write freely, express themselves through writing using rap as a form of communication, self-narrative, account of themselves in the context of where they come from or their current life, a message to be sent to the world.

Without limits on freedom of expression and without feeling constrained by any technical limitations of novices.

Based on the texts produced, we will apply metrical and writing techniques of an increasingly complex level.

We will insert the lyrics into a real song, thus creating: verse, chorus, bridge (typical structure of a rap song).

We will learn to distinguish speed and different sounds to be able to identify the genre of the written piece.


From writing we will move on to performing the piece through a simulation of an actual performance.

In addition to reflections on interpretation and expressiveness, we will examine and improve the technical aspect, also delving into the choreographic aspect of rap by simulating a live performance in which the singer, in addition to performing the songs, also moves on an ideal stage interacting with a hypothetical audience.

To whom is it addressed?

Mainly to young music lovers who want to get closer to a culture that was certainly born on the streets, but on the streets now rarely present.

The added value of a project based on hip hop is the profound nature of this true movement, not just a musical genre but a culture that aims to combine education and entertainment.

“Those who make a distinction between entertainment and education may not know that education should be entertaining and entertainment should be educational.”

Objectives of the workshop

The goal is to achieve a positive discussion among the children, a sharing, a dialogue between different opinions and ideas using rap as a communication tool with rhymes in Italian and, for those who feel up to it, in Sardinian.

But also form real crews, write one or more original rap songs, record them and make their respective video clips.

In music, we can really all feel the same, each with a different story to write and tell.

Every first and third Thursday of the month

7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Incluso per gli iscritti all'accademia

€5/meeting for non-members

Edited by:

I am Luca, stage name sLe and at Feel da Bounce School I follow the rap writing and music meetings.

I was part of the Sa Lolla crew with Alli-Q and Su Meri with whom I produced two independent albums.

My first approach toHIP HOP and RAP music was listening to and participating in JAMs where bboys, writers, DJs and mc’s were throwing real parties. It was 2000 and I was a 13-year-old boy.

I have been influenced by several artists from the Italian underground scene Cor Veleno, Colle der Fomento, Piotta, Turi and of course Sangue Misto.

In Sardinia I found inspiration in Sa Razza and Malos Cantores, Menhir, Balentia.

After devoting years to listening, I started writing my rhymes in Italian and Sardinian based on a fundamental principle: I write only if I have something to say, an opinion or a thought to express.

Hip Hop is a culture based on respect, integration and contamination.
We want to convey all its values to you.

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